As San Antonio car accident lawyers, we know that Texas is a huge state. To travel through and around the state of Texas, you will probably utilize the 675,580 lane miles of highway in the state. Texas does not have the most dangerous highways. California and Florida are each more deadly than Texas. Still, 10% of fatal car accidents in the United States happen in Texas, and more than half of those happen on the highways.

Below we will highlight the most dangerous highways in the state. This data came from a recent study that compiled data over a three year period.

  • Houston, SH-288
    • This stretch of highway had 32 deaths during a 3-year period. There were a total of 28 automobile accidents.
  • San Antonio I-35
    • This area had 9 accidents. But, those accidents resulted in 13 deaths. On a deaths per mile basis, this puts I-35 San Antonio in 2nd place for most dangerous.
  • Penwell I-20
    • This stretch of highway saw 7 automobile accidents which resulted in 18 fatalities.
  • Worth I-30
    • There were 8 accidents on this stretch of highway which resulted in 18 deaths.
  • Edinburg I-69C
    • This small, 15-mile stretch of highway saw 7 crashes in 3-years and claimed the lives of 12 people. That makes this section of highway, the deadliest section in the state.


Looking at a broader range, we have to point out that US-83 in Texas is one of the most dangerous in the United States. In a 10 year period, this highway saw 26 crashes. This took the lives of 36 people.

Who Is Having The Majority Of These Accidents?

Experts agree that the majority of automobile crashes involve Millennials. This group of people admits to texting while driving, driving distracted (eating, talking, looking for music selections), speeding, and running red lights. The problem stretches beyond the highway.  In 2016, there were 50,000 deaths contributed to automobile crashes across Texas. This number is staggering. The financial costs of these deaths in the billions of dollars. While Texas is not the deadliest state, this group certainly play a significant role in the statistics.

How Can We Help?

Texas DOT, police, and citizens are focused on lowing this horrific trend. However, it takes everyone. We all have to be committed to safe driving and save riding. We all have to be diligent in the war against drunk driving. So far, we are making little progress.


No one wants to hurt someone else. Automobile accidents are frightening. However, we will never make real progress until we hold people responsible for their driving. Driving accidents are avoidable in most cases. If you are watching what you are doing and driving defensively, there is much less chance of having an accident.

When we are injured, our property is damaged, our livelihoods are put on hold, we have to make a stand. This is done by hiring a car accident attorney and refusing to be a silent victim. Until people understand that they are going to be held accountable, they will not change. For more information, speak to our car accident lawyers today.