US families in four different states have had frightening experiences with their Ring security cameras. Hackers have managed to gain access to the Ring products, making their way into the cameras. They’re not only able to see their victims, but talk to them as well. One family in Florida was subjected to racial slurs by a hacker that got into their camera. In Mississippi, a family has video of a hacker speaking to their child. According to Amazon, the hacks aren’t related to a vulnerability in Ring’s code. They recommend better practices with safeguarding login information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Families in four states have reported that people have hacked into their Ring security cameras.
  • In Cape Floral, Florida, a hacker taunted a family with racial slurs.
  • In Georgia, a woman was in bed when a hacker yelled at her to wake up.

“Ring recommends using a variety of usernames and passwords on various devices, and making your usernames and passwords strong and more complex.”

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